Indian Advertisers can't pay with Paypal so we are introducing payment through Online banking or Credit/Debit Cards.


Here is the Details and process HOW TO POST PREMIUM ADS:


First, Post Ad on our Site and then complete process by details provided below.


Step 1 : Click Image Button Below named " Pay Now With PayYouMoney" , You Will be redirected to Payment Site...

Step 2 : Put Amount in box  Rs.50 (30days) or Rs.80 (60days) or Rs.120 (100days) or Rs.150 (180days) or Rs.250 (365days)

Step 3 : Put All Available details you have put when posting Ads on our site.

Step 4 : Click on Make Payment

Step 5 : Select Payment method either Online Banking or by Debit Card and pay as usually do other payments.

Step 6 : Done.



Click Below Button to Pay:

Scan below QR Codes to pay with processors Directly. (Then Contact Us)
Pay With Paytm